Gigabit Voucher Schemes


Building Digital UK (BDUK) has committed to delivering broadband networks to the nation, with goals of reaching a fully connected Britain by 2025. The UK Government has promised two schemes to help achieve this fully gigabit-capable Britain with connections that offer the fastest and most reliable speeds available.


Funded until March 2021

This scheme was launched in 2018 to enable more of Britain to be able to afford gigabit-capable broadband. These vouchers can be used by SMBs and communities within an area without gigabit-capable broadband to pay towards the costs of installation of faster connections and the correct infrastructure to enable these speeds.

Businesses can claim up to £2,500, with residents within a community project able to claim up to £500. These vouchers are issued to the supplier and can only be used towards the cost of installing gigabit-capable connections where the current speed is less than 100Mbps and the new speed is at least double that of the original.


Funded until March 2021

After the release of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, it was realised that at least 20% of UK premises would be unable to receive gigabit-capable connections through the scheme. A new scheme was launched for the premises within hard-to-reach rural locations with more costly installations. 

While single connections are not eligible for the scheme, SMBs can claim up to £3,500 and residents as part of a group project installation can claim up to £1,500. Again, the current connection must be less than 100Mbps and the new connection should be double the old speed to qualify under the scheme. This allows rural premises the opportunity to benefit however challenging or costly the install is. 

 Siklu: Gigabit-Capable Connectivity Solutions

Siklu specialises in providing gigabit-capable connectivity using millimetre wave technology. 

While Siklu provides a wireless gigabit-capable connection instead of laying fibre, Siklu is still eligible for both voucher schemes and is a lot more cost-effective. There are five key products that could provide your customers with a gigabit-capable network and allow them to invest in their equipment to help with initial costs. Siklu's 1200FX available at 1Gbps, 2200FX and 2500FX available up to 2Gbps and the 8010FX product allowing you to start at 2Gbps and increase up to 10Gbps over time. 


While laying fibre is costly and creates a lot of down-time, it's also difficult and time consuming to move equipment if needed. It's harder to get to and is easier to accidentally damage or break the cables underground. A wireless solution through Siklu is quick to install; meaning your return on investment is also quicker. Wireless can be moved, it's easy to set up and deploy and if there are ever any issues, it's easily accessible to resolve. 

Our Connectivity Team and our Technical Team are specialists in all things Siklu, so if you would like to find out more about Siklu and how your customers can use the Gigabit Voucher Schemes, drop us an email to or call 01488 647467. 

What Purdicom's Offering


We want to help you market the gigabit voucher schemes to your end-users. For our customers who wish to take advantage of this, we will be providing a full 'Gigabit Voucher Scheme Campaign Plan'. Let us support you in your marketing with this additional resource and provide you with a tailored campaign kit. This will consist of marketing templates, emails, artwork, content and whatever you may need to help you market these schemes effectively.


We're extremely lucky to have a dedicated team who can assist you with the design of your Siklu network, from initial concept through implementation. Using our free marketing campaign-kit and the Purdicom professional services, you can take your gigabit proposals direct to market with full support at every stage. 


Using the eligibility form below, we'll see whether you're able to benefit from the gigabit voucher scheme and if so, we'll get in contact with you to find out what you'll need for a successful campaign. We're with you every step of the way, from building your perfect marketing campaign and promoting the gigabit voucher scheme to your customers, to helping you with the network design and deployment. We're here to help you win more Siklu business.

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